Graphite Pencil Drawings

If you were to use only one word to best describe a graphite pencil drawing, it would be detail. Combine that with my years of experience and natural talent, An exceptional piece of artwork is produced.
All drawings are done on ‘Stonehenge’ fine art paper. This is an exceptional quality paper that was developed 30 years ago. It has a vellum-like texture, which is ideal for graphite drawings.


Made from 100% cotton, it has the highest level of archival quality. If hung out of direct, strong sunlight, and framed correctly behind glass, this paper should last well over 100 years. It is 10 to 20 times more expensive than good quality cartridge paper but is a small price to pay to ensure you receive a drawing that will stand the test of time. This paper is considered by many as one of the best for graphite drawing, and is used by many of the world’s leading artists.

Charcoal Drawings

The beauty of charcoal drawings is the intensity and emotion that comes with this medium, with its deep shadows and white highlights. Even though it is only a few marks on a piece of paper, the picture can take on a form of life all of its own.

Just as with graphite pencil drawings, these are done on ‘Stonehenge’ fine art paper, with its archival properties, which if framed correctly and not hung in direct, strong sunlight, will last for many, many years.

Watercolour Paintings

Paintings done in watercolour are so beautifull to look at. They are full of energy, spontineity and life. Someone best described watercolour as coloured light dancing on a page.

To ensure that all my waterclour paintings last as long as possible, I use only the very best of materials. My paints are all professional quality, mostly either Schmincke or Sennelier, and all the paper I use is 100% cotton, either Arches or Saunder Waterford.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings have it all. They have the detail of a pencil drawing, the emotion of a charcoal drawing and the full spectrum of colour of the lustrous oil paints. All that limits me is the quality of the photograph. I use many different brands of oil paints, as each brand will make their colours slightly different. But my favourite is Michael Harding Oils. This is a company that has a mission to produce the most vibrant, true, durable, and beautiful colours. The higher the pigment content in the paint, the greater the resistance to fading.

Michael Harding refuses to use fillers, extenders, or driers, so that the colour intensities are the same as those experienced before the 1840’s when the mass production of oil paint began with the invention of the collapsible tube. From then on, with mass production, price became more and more important. To reduce costs manufacturers added fillers, which reduced the quality, vibrancy, and durability of the paint. Michael Harding does not compromise on this in any way.

When commissioning an oil painting, it is very important that you realise it takes longer for it to get to you than the drawings. This is because oil paint takes a long time to dry- up to 3 months after completing the painting. When commissioning a painting please take this into account, especially if you want it by a certain date for a special occasion. If in doubt, please contact me.