Do you do portraits of pets from real life?

No. To expect your pet to stay perfectly still for hours is not realistic. I do all my drawings and paintings from photographs. In fact, the portrait is done from one photo. Because of that, it is important to give me the best possible photo. It is important that the photo depicts your pet as you know them.  It’s nice to have other photos for getting extra detail and to maybe get more of an idea of your pet’s character. To help you to take a good photo for a painting take a look at the Photo Tips page.

One thing I never do is to make up how your pet looks like in a different pose from a number of photos. This never turns out well. I can take a background from another photo, that’s no problem.

How many photos should I take?

The more photos you take the better, especially these days with digital cameras. They should be in focus and, preferably, well lit in natural light. Take a look at the Photo Tips page to help you. In the process of the commission we will go through your photos, and together decide which is the best one for your pet’s portrait.

How long does a portrait take?

On commissioning your pet’s portrait you will be given a date when I will start your picture. On completion, graphite and charcoal drawings can be sent to you immediately after receiving final payment. Oil paintings will only be sent out to you when the oil paint is thoroughly dry and has been varnished. The drying process can take up to 3 months. When it has dried, it will be packed, final payment received and then sent to you by recorded delivery. If you want the art work by a certain date because of a special occasion, please state this when enquiring.

Can I have whatever size I want?

There are a few sizes listed on the price calculator, but please don’t let that stop you from wanting a particular size. Contact me and tell me what your thoughts are, and we can work out your requirements and I can give you a quote.

How big should I have the portrait?

This is a regularly asked question, as a lot of people don’t know what is the best size. It depends on how many pets you want in the picture, visual impact, where it is going to be displayed, as well as many other factors. But I am very willing to talk you through the whole process, and share all my knowledge and experience with you to get the correct picture for you.

How much does a portrait cost?

This depends on whether it is a graphite or charcoal drawing, or oil painting, and also the size. All of this can be found on the price calculator page. If your requirements are not met there, you can always contact me for a price.

When do I pay?

50% of the agreed price will be paid when the commission is accepted. The final 50% will be taken just before dispatching your pet portrait to you.

Will I be able to see my pet’s portrait before you send it?

I like all my clients to be involved in the whole process of the portrait as much as possible. I will send you photos showing the progress of your work of art, all the way to the point of completion, where your approval will be obtained of the finished work before payment and delivery.

How is it packed for delivery?

All pieces of work are flat packed. A piece of acid free paper is put over the piece, and then it is sandwiched in packing material and finally put into a box. Packing materials will depend on the size of the piece, but every care and effort is taken to ensure the piece gets to you safely. When packing is finished it is sent by recorded delivery, and is insured appropriately.

Do you send pet portraits all over the world?

Yes. I will send a pet portrait to any where in the world, as long there is a trackable delivery service available. All parcels will be insured appropriately.

Will you display the portrait on your website?

After the pet portrait is finished and in your hands, I will sometimes post pictures of the finished work and stages that led to that on my website and social media. If you do not wish this to happen, then you must inform before I send the finished work to you. If it is a gift that will be presented on a certain date, then I am more than willing not to put anything of it on my website or social media before then.

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